Most Effective Services For Weight Loss

#1 - Body Sculpting
#2 - Vitamin Injections
#3 - Ozone Sauna
#4 - Infrared Sauna
#5 - Cryotherapy

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Body Sculpting

Have an area that just won’t respond to your healthy lifestyle? Body Sculpting uses rapid, dynamic changes in temperature to naturally melt fat right off your body. It literally kills fat cells!

Vitamin Injections

Unleash your body's full fat burning potential with lipotropic injections that help turn bodyfat into energy and reduce appetite.


Keep the muscle and lose the fat! That’s exactly what whole body cryotherapy can do for you through its dramatic impact on your hormonal profile. This 3 minute experience at -200 degrees below zero provides a unique stimulus that drives the metabolism of more fat for the ongoing energy your body needs!

Infrared Sauna

Who knew fat loss could be so relaxing? At 140 degrees F, high concentrations of infrared light penetrate deep into your core to gradually elevate your body temperature and provide support energy to cells. This stimulates a gentle and prolonged increase in heart rate, which in turn accelerates caloric expenditure. This relaxing and cozy 45 minute experience makes it a no brainer to do on the regular for profound fat loss benefits!

Ozone Sauna

Create a metabolic inferno with the Ozone Sauna! This steam based experience at 103 degrees F drives a profound and steady increase in heart rate. With 30 minute sessions typically driving between 300-500 of additional caloric expenditure, you can’t go wrong with adding this into your fat loss strategy!

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