Most Effective Services For Pain management

#1 - Localized Cryotherapy
#2 - Whole Body Cryotherapy
#3 - PEMF Therapy
#3 - Dynamic E-Stim
#4 - Red Light Facial

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Localized Cryotherapy

When you have an area that is especially irritated, the pain can be massive and outright unbearable. That’s when it’s time to give localized cryotherapy a go. This solution aggressively targets an area with extremely cold air, removing inflammation and providing immediate relief to even the most painful injuries! 

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Find system wide relief from swelling and inflammation with the unique stimulus of whole body cryotherapy! This 3 minute process redistributes blood throughout the entire body, driving new nutrients into areas where tissue damage has occurred. At -200 degrees below zero, this powerful remedy undoubtedly reduces pain and accelerates recovery time.

PEMF Therapy

PEMF utilizes soothing Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to stimulate and exercise the body’s cells to promote natural healing. This additional energy allows cells to regenerate faster, reduce inflammation, experience more energy, and decrease soreness, while counteracting harmful EMF's.

Dynamic e-stim

Desensitize nerve receptors and ease pain across joints with dynamic waveform patterns from Dynamic E-Stim. This device uses a long pulse electrical stimulus that shuts down pain receptors and provides increased blood circulation to the area. This comfortable 30 minute experience packs a punch on painful and achy joints! 

red light facial

Give your cells a boost with the abundance of energy absorbed from LED lights. Similar to how plants absorb sunlight, Red Light works by delivering energy to damaged cells to assist in the repair process. This 30 minute experience is perfect for soothing muscle stiffness, aches, and pain!

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