Most Effective Services For Immunity & Detoxification

#1 - IV Hydration Therapy
#2 - Vitamin Shots
#3 - Dry Salt Therapy
#4 - Infrared Sauna
#5 - Whole Body Cryotherapy

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IV Hydration Therapy

Drive superior immune system performance with a high dosage of vitamins and minerals delivered straight into the bloodstream. Nutrients bypass the digestive tract allowing for a 100% absorption rate into the body, providing an immunity boost and superior detoxification experience!

Vitamin Injections

Quickly boost your body's intake of crucial vitamins and minerals to increase energy, promote detoxification and boost immunity.

Dry Salt Therapy

Remove toxins and pollutants from your respiratory track with pure grade salt. Microparticles of salt act like a magnetic sponge to help loosen, remove, and eliminate toxic build deep within the respiratory system.

Infrared Sauna

 Stimulate total body detoxification and waste removal with a deep sweat from the far reaching rays of infrared light. This unique 45 minute experience at temperatures hovering over 130 degrees F is sure to leave you feeling purified from the inside out!


Increase white blood cell volume and reduce inflammation through a 3 minute exposure to temperatures 200 degrees below zero. You can immediately feel inflammation leave your body after the session!

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