Most Effective Services For Beauty

#1 - CryoFacial
#2 - Red Light Facial
#3 - Infrared Sauna
#4 - Dry Salt Therapy
#5 - Cryotherapy

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Cryo Facial

Stimulate collagen production and reduce pore size with a soothing Cryofacial. This relaxing experience uses temperatures 200 degrees below zero to temporarily restrict blood flow. Once the session is over, blood and oxygen is redistributed to the surface of the skin to supply ample nutrients. This 10 minute process improves skin tone and adds a healthy glow to the face!

Red Light Facial

Tackle different skin care goals with powerful LED light energy that is transmitted straight to the cell. Pick between the blue light feature to fight against viruses that cause acne or the red light feature to enhance skin cell health and promote anti-aging properties. Regardless of the setting you choose, this 30 minute experience will leave you impressed by the impacts it has on your skin with regular use!

Infrared Sauna

Enjoy smoother and healthier skin from an invigorating sweat inside one of our infrared saunas! This satisfying environment emits infrared light that is absorbed by skin cells, promoting the removal of toxins and unclogging of pores. Even after just one 45 minute session, you’ll notice a major difference in the texture of your skin! 

Dry Salt Therapy

While in the dry salt chamber, microparticles of pure grade NaCl are absorbed by your skin. Salt is an ionized particle that increases activity of the ion channels within skin cells, which can aid in toxin removal. Additionally, salt normalizes pH in skin cells, which naturally promotes a regenerative process in the dermal layers of the skin.


Improve skin cell tone and health with a systemic redistribution of fresh oxygen and nutrients created from Whole Body Cryotherapy. This service improves blood flow to the surface of the skin, which supplies better nutrition to these cells. At only 3 minutes long, this service can easily be integrated into your lifestyle to actively promote your healthy skin!

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