Most Effective Services For Athletic Performance

#1 - Whole Body Cryotherapy
#2 - Infrared Sauna
#4 - Dry Salt Therapy
#4 - Compression Therapy

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Reduce soreness and enhance muscular recovery with a systemic redistribution of fresh oxygen and nutrients created from Whole Body Cryotherapy. This 3 minute session at -200 degrees below zero triggers a hormonal response that knocks down inflammation and leaves you feeling refreshed from the minute you step out. The massive recovery benefits from this service will take your training to the next level! 

Infrared Sauna

Drive faster recovery times with additional energy support from infrared light. When a cell is damaged from exercise, it requires more energy to repair itself. The infrared sauna emits light energy, which is absorbed at a cellular level to further support the repair process. This 40 minute experience will quickly leave you feeling recharged and ready for your next workout!

Dry Salt Therapy

Widen airways and improve oxygen uptake with microparticles of salt. Acting like a magnetic sponge, salt lowers inflammation of the respiratory system by eliminating toxic build ups. This naturally widens airways, enabling peak performance with enhanced oxygen flow!

Compression Therapy

Flush out lactic acid and loosen up stiff muscles with one way dynamic compression. When you remove lactic acid in muscle, you increase the pH of the tissue, which speeds up recovery! This 30 minute experience not only improves athletic performance but also feels amazing on those tired and overworked muscles.

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