Ozone Sauna

A warm and relaxing environment that naturally promotes the deepest cleanse.

What is the
Ozone Sauna?

The Ozone Sauna uses a combination of steam and ozone gas (O3) to purify and cleanse the body over the course of a 30 minute session. Sitting at temperatures between 103 and 105 degrees F, this humid environment naturally enables O3 to pass through your skin pores and cleanse your body through various biochemical reactions. The soothing heat combined with the phenomenal benefits of Ozone are sure to leave you feeling clean and refreshed!

Benefits Of The Ozone Sauna

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The average ozone sauna session causes the heart to use 2.5 times the energy it does at rest. Therefore, you can expect to burn an additional 200 to 450 calories just sitting in this environment versus sitting at home!
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Strengthens Immune System

Strengthens Immunity

Ozone halts the replication process of pathogens. This gives your white blood cells have an easier time fighting disease and infections before they become too widespread. This makes O3 a powerful regulator of the immune system and a useful cleaning agent against viruses and bacteria.
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Powerful Detox

Powerful Detox

Ozone gas has a powerful cleansing effect on molecules that it interacts with. The combination of humidity and heat help mobilize metals and toxins to the surface where O3 reacts with it to further assist in the detoxification process.
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Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

Increased oxygen levels in the body support a cell’s ability to create new energy through a process known as oxidative phosphorylation. Cells with more energy available to them can recover faster from damage and exert more force, which inherently improves athletic performance. .
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How does The Ozone Sauna Work?

Step 1:

 Prior to entering the sauna chamber, distilled water is heated up to create steam, which warms the environment to approximately 103 degrees F. Once you’ve entered the unit, ozone gas (O3) begins circulating throughout the chamber as your head remains above the sauna doors. The steamy environment causes water droplets to form all over the surface of your skin. Due to its solubility, ozone gas naturally mixes with water and enters your skin because of the high concentration that has built up within the chamber. 

Step 2:

Ozone gas (O3) is a highly unstable molecule that prefers to exist in nature as O2, regular oxygen. Once inside your body, O3 will react with pathogens by donating it’s extra oxygen atom off. This process is known as oxidation. Because pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, are anaerobic in nature, they cannot reproduce well in environments where oxygen exists.

Step 3:

By oxidizing these organisms, you can effectively slow down their ability to replicate, giving your white blood cells an opportunity to attack and eradicate them in your body. This is just one of many biochemical reactions that take place in your body when ozone is present!

Ozone Sauna FAQ'S

A session is 30 minutes long. The total appointment takes approximately 45 minutes. 

Yes and no. You’ll feel like you are sweating a lot more than you actually are. This is because most of the moisture is actually the steam that condenses on the surface of your skin. However, because it cannot evaporate off your body quickly, your core temperature will elevate quickly, leading to the profound fat loss benefits mentioned above!

You are completely nude in the sauna. This is because we want ozone gas to react with your body rather than particles on your clothing. The area is completely privatized for your exclusive use for this reason.

You’ve probably heard of ozone alerts. This is when ozone from the upper layer of the atmosphere falls down into the breathable zone for humans. Ozone the moves through your respiratory tract can be unhealthy, which is why you are alerted about ozone. However, during an ozone sauna session, your head is out of the unit and your respiratory tract avoids exposure to O3. When in contact with non-respiratory tissues, ozone is a powerful cleaning agent that’s been documented to have positive benefits when it reacts with your body. 

You must be at least 16 years old and 5 feet tall to use the Ozone Sauna. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent present at their first appointment.

The mask actually represents a separate therapy called Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT). It’s beneficial for separate reasons but not required for an ozone sauna session.

Hydration is critical prior to an ozone sauna session. Consuming at least 16-20 oz of water an hour leading up to the appointment is very beneficial.

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