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What is
Dynamic E-Stim?

Dynamic E-Stim uses low voltage electricity to desensitize pain receptors in joint tissue and stimulate blood flow to muscle tissue. This stimulation aids in faster recovery for muscles, decreased pain in joints, and added prevention against overuse injuries in the future. With its programmable settings that are specific down to the body part, Dynamic E-Stim can serve a wide use from the extreme athlete to the person with chronic pain.

Benefits Of Dynamic E-Stim

Pain Relief

Provides Pain Relief

The Dynamic E-Stim can provide a foundation for lasting pain relief. The voltage delivered by the unit disrupts overstimulated pain receptors in the body, giving you the chance to finally relax from the tense and uncomfortable position your body has been in.
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Faster Recovery

Faster Recovery

Through the use of active recovery, Dynamic E-Stim can ignite the healing process of sore and tired muscles. Rhythmic contractions produce enhanced blood flow to the region, which naturally enhances recovery. Dynamic E-Stim is an absolute game changer for any active lifestyle.
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Enhances Athletic Performance

Enhances Athletic Performance

Lactic acid accumulation can significantly decrease the amount of force your muscles can produce through a joint. The rhythmic and powerful contractions produced by the Marc Pro Plus force lactic acid out of muscle cells and freshen them up for your next athletic event!
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Reduces Overuse Injuries

Reduces Overuse Injuries

Inadequate recovery can quickly lead to overuse injuries. The Marc Pro Plus presents an obvious opportunity for accelerated recovery that will prevent the onset of overuse injuries without compromising your training schedule or active lifestyle.
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How does Dynamic E-Stim Work?

Step 1:

Anytime you move a muscle, voltage is required to make it contract. Normally, this electricity originates in the brain and is sent down the spinal cord to the neuromuscular junction, the site where a muscle receives a signal to contract. During a Dynamic E-Stim session, electricity from the unit is sent directly to the site where the electrodes are attached, causing rhythmic contractions.

Step 2:

These pulsed and rhythmic contractions increase blood flow to the area, which aid in tissue recovery.

Step 3:

Furthermore, the voltage from the Dynamic E-Stim can disrupt nociceptors, or the sensory receptors responsible for detecting pain. This makes Dynamic E-Stim a powerful option for providing newfound pain relief in joint tissue that has been chronically injured! 

Dynamic E-Stim FAQ'S

A session is 30 minutes long. During this time, you’ll gradually increase the voltage on the unit as your body adjusts to the stimulus over time.

The Dynamic E-Stim can be used in two separate categories; pain relief and muscle recovery. 

TENS is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS are inexpensive medical devices that better serve a rehab population that have lost muscular function. Otherwise, TENS units have no recovery or conditioning benefits whatsoever. Dynamic E-Stim activates a cascading series of physiological effects through a specific type of muscle contraction that lead to enhanced recovery and conditioning.

Yes! This is because you are in control of the intensity the entire duration of the session. Your body will be able to handle more voltage over time and we would recommend that you gradually increase the intensity over the session. However, it’s completely self paced so you’re able to move at a speed that is comfortable to you!

Arguably the best device to pair with Dynamic E-Stim is Localized Cryotherapy. That’s because they both accomplish similar goals. Localized Cryotherapy significantly reduces pain and inflammation in an entirely different way than Dynamic E-Stim, making it the perfect solution to add on to any Dynamic E-Stim experience!

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