A soothing and relaxing experience that promotes a healthy glow.

cryofacial at rise modern wellness
cryofacial at rise modern wellness

What is a

A CryoFacial applies cold, dry air at temperatures of -200 degrees F to the surface of the face over a 10 minute period. This stimulus naturally reduces skin pore size, enhances blood flow to the face, and provides deep relaxation. In addition, the CryoFacial is great at reducing inflammation around the face, making it a fantastic option for post dental surgery recovery and migraine relief!

Benefits Of A CryoFacial

Improves Complexion

Improves Complexion

Following a CryoFacial, oxygen and nutrients are distributed towards the surface of the skin. This revives poorly functioning skin cells, which provides you with a fresh and vibrant look. With consistent use, the CryoFacial can also improve skin texture by quickly removing the outermost layer of skin cells while nutrient rich cells replace them.
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Promotes Deep Relaxaion

Promotes Deep Relaxation

A CryoFacial slows down your nervous system’s ability to transmit information across the brain and spinal cord. This makes it a great option for individuals who feel stressed or overwhelmed. The entire CryoFacial experience is extremely soothing and relaxing. It’s common to completely zone out during the entire session!
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Tightens Skin

Tightens Skin

The CryoFacial naturally tightens the skin by triggering a reduction in pore size. This effect can actually be felt right in the middle of the session! Smaller pore size leads to decreased clogging, reduced definition of wrinkles, and improved elasticity. This makes the CryoFacial a great option as a natural alternative for tighter skin!
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Provides Migraine Relief

Provides Migraine Relief

The cold, dry air from the CryoFacial does a fantastic job at mobilizing inflammation out of a localized region. Therefore, pressure on the nerve endings is also reduced, providing lasting relief. This makes the CryoFacial extremely beneficial for headaches caused by sinus pressure, eye tension, and whiplash.
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How does a CryoFacial Work?

Step 1:

Liquid nitrogen is used to create air temperatures of -200 degrees below zero. This cold, dry air is gently applied across the surface of the face.

Step 2:

Over the course of 10 minutes, surface skin temperature swiftly falls when in contact with the air and consequently warms as the air moves away from the area. This dramatic oscillation of temperature change causes a flushing effect to occur at the site of the capillaries.

Step 3:

Enhanced capillary exchange allows for more oxygen and ample nutrients to reach the surface of the skin. This promotes overall skin cell health and is the major driving factor behind the improvements in skin tone, texture, and glow.

a technician performing a cryofacial on a client

CryoFacial FAQ'S

A session is 10 minutes long. The total appointment takes approximately 15 minutes.

Yes you can! The CryoFacial is a non-invasive solution so no touching of the skin is required. Therefore, makeup can be worn for the entire duration.

This depends on what effects you are hoping to see. In terms of rest and relaxation, the benefits are noticeable immediately as it is an extremely powerful tool for your nervous system. Regarding changes to the skin, it is recommended that 8 sessions be done in close succession (over the course of one month) to achieve desired results. The changes to your skin from the CryoFacial (such as improved texture, glow, and tightness) are certainly more subtle. For individuals looking for a more substantial change to their appearance, we recommend checking out Cryo T-Shock.  

Yes you can! In fact, a lot of people do this. Because Whole Body Cryotherapy helps so much with sleep, people commonly pair it with the CryoFacial to further aid in the deep relaxation benefits they are seeking out.

Arguably the best device to pair with the CryoFacial is the Red Light Facial. That’s because they both accomplish similar goals. A Red Light Facial helps rejuvenate your skin and relax the body in an entirely different way than the CryoFacial, making it the perfect solution to add on to any CryoFacial experience!

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