Body Sculpting

See incredible results with an innovative device that uses thermal shock to naturally melt fat away.

Body sculpting at RISE Modern Wellness

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Body Sculpting at RISE Modern Wellness

What is
Body Sculpting?

Adhering to the principle of thermal shock and cryolipolysis, body sculpting uses advanced technology drives lasting effects by alternating hot and cold temperatures within the target tissue. Body sculpting elicits maximal results through its advanced architecture and pre-programmed settings that are differentiated down to the body part!

Benefits Of Body Sculpting

Destroys Fat Cells

Destroys Fat Cells

Body Sculpting provides a stimulus that triggers fat cell apoptosis, a controlled and natural death. With every session, you are literally eliminating fat cells from your body! Over the course of several weeks, these fat cells leave your body through the lymphatic system.
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Non Invasive Solution

Non Invasive Solution

Compared to more aggressive treatment options, body sculpting with Cryo T-Shock relies purely on your body’s physiology to respond to temperature contrast and ability to remove fat cells. This reliance allows Cryo T-Shock to drive results in a non-invasive and gentle way.
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Long Term Results

Long Term Results

Body Sculpting triggers the death of fat cells. Once removed from your system, they are permanently gone! With good dietary habits, regular exercise, and healthy routines, it’s normal for results to last several years!
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Safe & Effective

Safe & Effective

Unlike CoolScuplting which partially irritates surrounding body tissues, body sculpting with Cryo T-Shock uses precise temperature changes and pressure application to cause apoptosis of only fat cells. Other body tissues such as the skin remain unaffected due to this specialized technique.
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How does Body Sculpting Work?

Step 1:


The beginning step of any Body Sculpting session involves the application of heat, which causes vasodilation and relaxation of the tissue. This causes cells to expand in size as enhanced blood flow increases fluid concentration.

Step 2:


In this step, an extended period of cold is applied to the same cells. This rapid change from hot to cold triggers fat cell apoptosis, or a natural and controlled cell death. This happens because sub freezing temperatures cause the fluid that binds fat cells together to crystallize.

Step 3:


In response to the destruction of fat cells, the body releases cytokines and other inflammatory mediators that help mobilize and eliminate these affected cells. The Body Sculpting unit further assists in this mobilization process by applying warmth to the targeted area. This temperature increase causes the contraction of fat cells and release of their lipids.

Step 4:


Over the course of two weeks following the procedure, inflammatory cells gradually digest these cells, which reduces the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer. The remaining lipid content of the fat cells are transported and eliminated through lymphatic system drainage.

Cryo T-Shock at RISE Modern Wellness

Body Sculpting FAQ'S

One total session takes approximately an hour long. Two areas, about the size of an iPad, are treated over this duration with each side taking about 28 minutes.

Every plan is customized to the needs of the individual. That’s why we offer a free, no obligation, consultation to discover a great plan based on your specific needs!

This can vary from individual to individual. Typically, most people start to see noticeable differences after the third session. 

Fat removal sessions are spaced out to once every 12-14 days. So 5 sessions would take approximately 10 weeks. This spacing is required because the body needs adequate time to transport and remove dead fat cells created from the previous session.

Similar to the above question, there is a limitation to the number and size of the treatment area because of the natural response your body goes through following a session. To avoid overwhelming the lymphatic system, one treatment area is limited to approximately the size of two iPads. Multiple areas cannot be treated simultaneously.

Both Body Sculpting and CoolSculpting work under the same principle of cryolipolysis. However, Body Sculpting operates in a much less aggressive, non-invasive way. 

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