Body Sculpting

Rapidly tone & tighten any area of your body with magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS).

What is
Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting utilizes Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to tighten and tone. A 30 minute session provides over 20,000 contractions! These contractions build muscle and dissolve fat without producing any soreness.

Benefits Of Body Sculpting

Sculpt Your Body

MMS uses magnetics to produce strong muscular contractions that radically defines any area of your body.

Build & Define Muscle

Dynamic programming stimulates rapid increases in muscular tone without producing soreness.

Dissolve Fat Cells

MMS destroys fat cells in the targeted region to simultaneously lose fat while gaining muscle.

Zero Down time

Continue with your routine without any disruptions in life as your body transforms over time.

Body Sculpting
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Body Sculpting
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Body Sculpting FAQ'S

Sessions run at 30 minutes in length.

Magnetic muscle stimulation causes the body to contract muscle over 20,000 times in a 30 minute session. This leads to improve tightness and tonality in the targeted area.

Of course! You may choose to target your abdomen, glutes, or legs.

Nope! We provide everything for you so just wear comfortable clothing. 

Make sure to provide the body with ample rest in the targeted area prior to receiving a session. This means you should avoid intense muscular contractions that would cause significant fatigue in the area you plan to target for at least 48 hours prior.  

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