Does Cryo T-Shock Actually Work?

cryo t-shock machine

“Put on this belt and watch the fat melt off.” “Take this pill and you’ll get in the best shape of your life.” “Stand on this plate and watch your abs get defined like never before!”  

How many times have you heard these promises? Probably far too many.

The aesthetics industry has inundated us with so many promises about their products or devices being “the next big thing” to finally solve all your weight loss problems. Often though, it ends up as a marketing ploy to make a quick buck on something that doesn’t actually work. 

This leaves consumers with no choice but to be skeptical when that next product or service hits the market.

If you’re reading this article then you are probably in this exact position when researching whether Cryo T-Shock, a form of body sculpting, is actually effective for some of its claims like weight loss. In the remainder of this article, we’ll break down exactly what Cryo T-Shock is, how it works, and whether it stands up to its claims of fat loss.

What is Cryo T-Shock?

Developed by Pagani in Italy, Cryo T-Shock is aesthetics equipment that uses thermal shock to elicit fat loss. It uses different pre-programmed settings for each section of the body depending on the goal of the user. 

The fat loss sessions take approximately 60 minutes each and are done every two weeks over an 8 week period at minimum.

How does Cryo T-Shock work?

Cryo T-Shock relies on the process of cryolipolysis to eliminate fat cells. Cryolipolysis literally refers to the death of fat cells through the use of cold temperature application. 

In order to elicit cryolipolysis, Cryo T-Shock uses rapidly alternating temperatures of hot and cold, also known as thermal shock, on the target subcutaneous fat cells. 

the process of cryolipolysis

The process of thermal shock is very simple. Cryo T-Shock begins by heating the subcutaneous fat cells for a brief duration. This naturally increases blood to the cell which in turn increases the concentration of fluid in the cell. 

Cryo T-Shock then rapidly drops the temperature of the cell, which significantly reduces blood flow to the cell. But more importantly, the additional fluid that was built up in the cell during the heating phase starts to crystalize, causing internal destruction to the cell. This is the point in which cryolipolysis, or a natural cell death, occurs.

From this point, the body relies on the lymphatic system to mobilize these cells out of the area and excrete as waste products. This is why fat loss sessions are spaced out every two weeks as this is the required length of time for your body to be able to fully remove these cells before the next appointment begins.

Is Cryo T-Shock actually effective for weight loss?

While the science behind Cryo T-Shock might make it an obvious solution for anyone looking to remove unwanted fat, it’s important to consider other variables before jumping right into it. 

The short answer to the question… yes!

Cryo T-Shock can generate INCREDIBLE results for anyone under the right circumstance and mindset. 

However, just because it can be effective doesn’t mean it will be. The amount of success someone will see with Cryo T-Shock largely depends on the two variables that everyone is already familiar with: diet and exercise. 

To best illustrate how Cryo T-Shock interplays with diet and exercise, think about how a fire is started and maintained. 

Cryo T-Shock is like lighter fluid while diet and exercise are the spark and initial logs that are burned. 

What does this mean? If lighter fluid is poured over an unlit fire, will it have any impact on the size of the fire?

The answer of course is… no. 

A lit fire is the foundation for its growth. When the fire is lit, it can get bigger with lighter fluid. 

The same principle is true with Cryo T-Shock. If diet and exercise aren’t the primary focus, then the flame isn’t lit and the amazing results that Cryo T-Shock can produce will never come to fruition. 

How to achieve the best results with Cryo T-Shock

If your diet and exercise is already on point then you should consider Cryo T-Shock as an option to expedite the process of reaching your goals.  

We already know that diet and exercise are the two most important variables when it comes to managing our weight. However, it couldn’t be more important when it comes to the effectiveness of Cryo T-Shock. Here’s what you should focus on specifically while receiving body sculpting treatments: 

Perform Moderate To Intense Exercise

Remember how Cryo T-Shock triggers the death of fat cells?

Lymphatic drainage is massively important for mobilizing dead fat cells that are created from a body sculpting session (otherwise those same dead cells will be in the way of the next layer of cells we are trying to target in the next appointment). Exercise is the best thing you can do to improve your body’s ability to flush out these cells from your system.

As you might imagine, the more we can help the body remove fat cells following a Cryo T-shock session, the more effective and pronounced the results will be. 

Aim for at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise within 6 hours post appointment to kickstart this process. 

Minimize Carbohydrate Intake

Insulin, a hormone that aids in moving nutrients into a cell, is secreted when the body consumes carbohydrates. By keeping your carbohydrates consumption low, you increase the chances of “starving” off fat cells by depleting them of nutrients. 

How so? 

If you consume less carbohydrates, your blood insulin levels will remain low. This effect temporarily slows down how well your fat cells can receive nutrients from the food you consume. 

When your fat cells are depleted of nutrients, they become less resilient to fighting adverse conditions (like thermal shock). As a result, a greater percentage of the fat cells you are targeting are more likely to die off.

As you might imagine, this would lead to a greater effect of fat loss from one appointment to the next!

This strategy, however, makes exercise all the more important as increasing the number of dead fat cells created in one appointment means more lymphatic mobilization is required of the body to remove them. 

Shoot to reduce your carbohydrate consumption for 16 hours (at least 8 hours before and 8 hours after your appointment). You can reintroduce them back into your diet at normal levels the following day.

Be Patient And Consistent

It’s important to set realistic expectations and remember that body sculpting is a process in itself. 

It’s the accumulative sessions that remove one layer of fat cells at a time that compound and generate incredible results. 

Because two weeks are required in between each session, it’s not uncommon for 6-8 weeks to go by before you start seeing significant results. 

The key is avoid a lapse in the process. Make sure to stay on a consistent schedule with your technician as you receive a series of treatments. 

Prebook your next appointment each time so it’s in your calendar. This will help keep you on track towards your weight loss goals. 

Is Cryo T-Shock right for you?

Cryo T-Shock is not a gimmick, but it’s also not a miracle worker. 

The truth is… you still have to put in effort if you want to see results. 

And even more honestly, a well balanced effort towards quality nutrition, sound sleep, and regular exercise is still by far the most effective way to accomplish your weight loss goals.

However, if you find that you are already mindful of the above variables and really are just looking for that added boost to your fat loss strategy, then you are the perfect candidate for body sculpting.

If you are ready to expediate the journey to your weight loss goals, then schedule your first appointment with one of our body sculpting technicians today!

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