Effortlessly Remove
Stubborn Fat

Permanently kill fat cells with

60% Off Body Slimming (Only $195!)

What To Expect From Your Appointment

Experience all of these benefits and more!

Eliminate Fat cells

Body Slimming kills fat cells and are naturally removed from your body via the lymphatic system.

Spot Reduce Stubborn Areas

Reduce fat in even the most hormonally resistant areas of your body.

Non Invasive Treatment

Body Slimming relies on naturally occurring processes within the body to remove fat cells following a treatment.

Zero Down time

Continue with your routine without any disruptions in life as your body transforms over time.

Melt Away Stubborn Fat With Body Slimming

What’s Included:

Custom Analysis

Our skilled technicians use specialized thermography technology to customize a body slimming session specific to your body. 

Body Slimming Session

Body Slimming kills fat cells, which allows you to spot reduce any section of your body!

Effortlessly Remove Stubborn Fat
With 60% Off A Body Slimming Session

Conveniently Located
In Eagle, Idaho

Real Results
From Clients

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Overview Of This Offer

Common FAQs

The total price of this service normally retails at $450. It is currently on sale for $195. 

This offer includes both a custom thermography analysis followed by a body sculpting session. The total appointment time is 90 minutes long.

Body Slimming kills fat cells and these cells are removed from your body over a 2 week period following the treatment. Body Slimming works best on areas that are most resistant to good diet and exercise.

Nothing! We provide everything for you so just wear comfortable clothing. 

It is recommended to minimize your carbohydrate intake 8 hours pre and post appointment (16 hours total) to maximize the effectiveness of a body slimming session. Additionally, you need to increase your total daily water intake to no less than 100oz for the day of the appointment. 


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60% OFF

Permenant Fat Removal

Now Only $195

*Offer includes one [1] body slimming session. Total appointment time is 90 minutes long. Valid for new slimming clients only.  

60% Off

Permanent Fat Removal

Now Only $195

Offer includes [1] body slimming session. Total appointment time is 90 minutes. Promotion reduces the total appointment cost from $450 to $195 upon checkout.