Body Sculpting

Rapidly tone, tighten, and define any part of your body with advanced muscle magnetic stimulation.   

What Is X-Tone Body Sculpting?

Over 48,000 muscular contractions in just 30 minutes!

Sculpt Your Body

X-Tone uses magnetics to produce strong muscular contractions that radically defines any area of your body.

Build & Define Muscle

Dynamic programming stimulates rapid increases in muscular tone without producing soreness.

Dissolve Fat Cells

X-Tone destroys fat cells in the targeted region to simultaneously lose fat while gaining muscle.

Zero Down time

Continue with your routine without any disruptions in life as your body transforms over time.

Experience The Power Of Magnetic Muscle Stimulation

Join us at our one time launch event!

Launch Event: August 18th-31st

Experience a 10 minute demo that showcases the power of strengthening weak muscles, destroying fat cells, and promoting a defined, sculpted body. 

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How X-Tone
Sculpts & Defines

Strong Muscular contractions

X-Tone uses magnetics to stimulate over 48,000 involuntary muscular contractions over a 30 minute session. This stimulus triggers profound results in increasing muscle tone & tightness.

Triggers Fat Cell Death

The heat generated by extreme muscular contractions results in lipolysis (fat cell death), naturally reducing fat in the targeted area while simultaneously building muscle.

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Common FAQs

The demo is 10 minutes long. You’ll be able to select any muscular area of your body for the treatment. 

X-tone is fantastic for tightening and toning areas of the body that you’d like more definition.

Nothing! We provide everything for you so just wear comfortable clothing. 

X-tone cannot be placed over any body part that contains metal. This includes areas with unremovable piercings and surgical insertions underneath the skin.  

X-tone does not replace your current exercise routine. Rather think of it as an enhancer. X-tone will produce a more vigorous workout in the targeted area than what is possible through regular exercise, leading to more profound results faster. 


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Tone & Tighten Your Body
With Magnetic Muscle Stimulation