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Supercharge Your Immunity, Enhance Metabolism, & Skyrocket Energy For Only $99!

What To Expect
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Reward Yourself With A Full Body Renewal

Rapid Hydration

Our Detox IV blend boosts energy by delivering essential nutrients and fluids directly into the bloodstream, enhancing cellular function and increasing energy levels.

Full Body Detox

Neutralize harmful free radicals, facilitate the removal of toxins, and support the liver's natural detoxification processes.

Enhanced Metabolism

The Detox IV supports cellular energy production and optimizes enzyme function, boosting how the body burns energy.

Improved Immunity

Boost your immune system with increased white blood cell production, the frontline defense against illness.

$90 Off

A Detoxification IV

$ 99
  • 1 Session For $99 (Normally $189)
  • Nutrient Blend Includes: Vitamin C + Zinc + Chloride + B Complex + Glutathione

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Common FAQ's

Vitamin C + Zinc + Chloride + B Complex + Glutathione

Our staff physician will review your intake paperwork to ensure that you are a good candidate for IV Therapy.

Our Detox IV blend retails at $189. With the $90 off voucher, your cost would be $99.


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Get Hydrated

50% Off
IV Therapy

Now Only $99

Get Hydrated

50% Off
IV Therapy

Now Only $99

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