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What Is
Body Sculpting?

Over 20,000 muscular contractions in just 30 minutes!

Sculpt Your Body

MMS uses magnetics to produce strong muscular contractions that radically defines any area of your body.

Build & Define Muscle

Dynamic programming stimulates rapid increases in muscular tone without producing soreness.

Dissolve Fat Cells

MMS destroys fat cells in the targeted region to simultaneously lose fat while gaining muscle.

Body Sculpting
Radically Enhances
Slimming Results


Completing a Body Sculpting session prior to your Slimming session engages your body to produce even more defining results!

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FREE Sculpting Session (1st Appointment)

Rapidly tone & tighten any area of your body with over 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes.


Normally $295

Body Slimming Session (2nd Appointment)

Uses cold temperatures to naturally kill and eliminate fat cells from your body. 


Normally $450

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