Modern Wellness?

Learn about the thriving wellness industry and how RISE sets you up for success.

Consumer Demand For Holistic Care
Has Exploded

The transition from reactive to proactive care has been on the rise for the last decade. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted even more attention onto personal health, causing explosive growth in the industry.

$1.5 Trillion Global Wellness Market

A growing desire for wellness is found in nearly every country around the world.

5-10% Annual
Growth Rate

The wellness industry is still in its infancy with demand increasing every year.

48% Increase In Wellness Prioritization

Over 60% of consumers in the US plan to spend more on wellness services than they did last year

how rise sets you up for


Site Selection

Our team uses a stacking method that compiles the latest real estate and demographics data together to find the best location for your storefront.

Design & Planning

We strategically design the best layout for your storefront to maximize operational efficiency and drive the most revenue per square foot.

Project Management

We make opening a storefront feel seamless by assisting you with equipment purchases and providing all start up furnishings in one detailed, easy to read document.

Lead Generation

With years of direct experience, we strategically set up, design, and implement digital marketing campaigns on your behalf to drive customer acquisition.

Sales Training

Having clients simply enter your facility isn’t enough. That’s why we provide you with a thorough sales training which includes education on psychology, scripts, and more!

Educational Portal

We have an online portal with over 100+ easy to access videos that guide you on a variety of topics including service education, how to hire personnel, and more!

Key Business Knowledge

We educate you on critical business components like a map of the client journey and provide you with a deep understanding of KPI’s like customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, churn, and more!

Monthly Reporting Analytics

Being able to identify problems and solve them is the key to long term success. That's why we review your monthly data reports and collectively identify opportunities for growth.

Competitive Advantages

Recurring Revenue Model

Business should be fun! Not stressful. Our recurring membership based model provides a sense of revenue stability and predictability as it's easy to forecast based on existing trends.

On Demand Support

We're continuously adding to our comprehensive online resources that make business operations run smoothly. Simply login and view our organized content to find immediate answers.

Customer Acquisition Engine

With years of lead generation and customer acquisition experience, we have a unique and systemized approach to acquiring new clients on demand.

Blue Ocean Market

Advancements in wellness care meet all of the definitions of a “Blue Ocean Strategy” investment. Uncontested market space, low competition, and high demand make it an attractive and promising industry.

Minimal Staff Requirements

RISE Modern Wellness locations can operate fluidly with 3-4 staff on site at a time. This simplifies the process of building a team and reduces the risk of disruptions in daily business operations.

Limited Supplies & Inventory

In a world where supply chain can be unpredictable, limited inventory management means consistent and smooth business operations.

Intentionality & Innovation Is Behind
Everything We Do

rise modern wellness Mission statement

“Empowering transformative change through physical and mental wellbeing and creating an atmosphere that leaves a lasting positive impact on every person who encounters RISE Modern Wellness.”

Core values


We believe in treating every person like they are the sole reason that RISE Modern Wellness exists and are committed to serving the needs of our clients and team members, always prioritizing their success.


We are always striving to improve everything that we do. From seeking out the most advanced wellness technology to adapting and optimizing our internal processes, we innovate with purpose.

Impact your Community
With Modern Wellness

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