Learn how Modern Wellness changed the lives of its founders.

Modern Wellness Changed Our Lives

The story that launched RISE Modern Wellness.

-Garrett & Rachel Ahlberg, Founders

After a sacral fracture ended Rachel’s collegiate running career and left her with chronic nerve pain and inflammation, we spent years relentlessly searching for a solution that would give her relief. We tried every standard solution on the market: doctor’s appointments, MRI’s, injections, and more, but nothing helped. Worse, her pain increased and began to severely limit her ability to perform the activities she loved like hiking, biking, and running.

Rachel Competing for The University Of Texas

Enter Cryotherapy

In 2017, Rachel was referred to try Cryotherapy by a friend who had also struggled with chronic pain. Though hesitant at first, she gave it a go, and was blown away by the results! After only one session, she was able to walk up the stairs without pain for the first time in years! We began doing sessions weekly and were amazed by Rachel’s progression. After 4 months, the accumulated inflammation in her back diminished and she began to live pain free!

Trying cryotherapy for the first time.

Enhancing Other’s Lives

Our personal experience with Cryotherapy was so transformative that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! We wanted to bring Cryotherapy to an area that had no access to it and help others live without pain. After finishing graduate school, we moved to Bend, Oregon and opened our first location in the summer of 2018. 

Over the next three years, our location grew, both in terms of volume and the scope of wellness technologies we offered, adding IV Therapy, Ozone Saunas, Body Sculpting, CryoFacials, Sound Therapy, and more! We found that with a greater scope of services, we could help others accomplish more than pain management alone. This diversification opened the floodgates to a broader base of clients, helping enhance their lives through any of the following goals: stronger immunity, detoxification, weight loss, beauty, relaxation, and athletic performance. We’ve seen clients experience meaningful change in their lives, from reducing inflammatory conditions, to recovering from long form illnesses, to feeling more confident in their bodies! 

Rachel & Garrett opening RISE Modern Wellness

Expanding Our Impact

We believe in leaving a lasting positive impact on every person who enters our facility as well as serving clients and staff with high levels of intentionality and care. We are excited to partner with franchisees who align with our mission and are eager to help others achieve their goals and make a lasting impact on their community.  

-Garrett & Rachel Ahlberg

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