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Enhance your life and other’s lives in your community with RISE Modern Wellness. 

The Need For Modern Wellness

At RISE, we believe that Modern Wellness means accomplishing our society’s most valued personal care goals through state of the art wellness technology. 

Skyrocketing Growth

The global wellness market is worth more than 1.5 trillion dollars and has an annual growth rate of 10%. Across every market, consumers are spending more on their personal care than ever before.

Consumer Mindsets

Over the last few years, there has been a huge change in consumer mindset regarding taking care of your body. In 2020, COVID 19 rapidly increased the demand for proactive health and wellness care.

Broad Positive Impact

Modern Wellness encompasses 6 of the most needed wellness goals: Weight Loss, Detoxification, Anti-Aging, Relaxation, Pain Management, & Athletic Performance. These goals serve a wide demographic range of clients and they dramatically impact mental and physical well being across all ages, genders, and lifestyles.

Competitive Advantages

Blue Ocean Market

Advancements in wellness care meet all of the definitions of a “Blue Ocean Strategy” investment. Uncontested market space, low competition, and high demand make it an attractive and promising industry.

High Profit Margins

There are several elements that make RISE Modern Wellness a unique and strong business investment. Simplified operations and limited cost of goods make it easy to turn a profit.

Low Staffing Requirements

The average RISE Modern Wellness requires only 3 employees to run the entire operation. Additionally, there are very few inventory requirements, which minimizes supply chain issues.

Predictable Revenue

RISE Modern Wellness primarily operates on a subscription basis. This business model skyrockets the lifetime value of a client, improves customer loyalty, and gives predictability to monthly revenue.

How We Support
Your Growth

by the numbers
Investment Requirements

Invest in a future that gives you financial empowerment, lifestyle flexibility, and makes a tangible positive difference for those in your community.

Total investment to launch a RISE Modern Wellness franchise ranges between $415,900 and $885,000. During the mutual evaluation process, our team connects you with preferred SBA lenders to finance the investment.

A RISE Modern Wellness franchise operates with a 7% royalty fee and a one time franchise fee of $39,500.

The minimum liquidity to qualify for a franchise is 150K.

A minimum net worth of 600K is required to be considered for a franchise location.

Steps To Launch

Step 1:

Intro Call

We’ll schedule a call to go over your background and professional experience, and provide insightful information about opening a RISE Modern Wellness franchise.

Step 2:


We will provide resources and education modules on the unit operations, culture, and details of opening a RISE Modern Wellness franchise.

Step 3:


Our team will connect you with preferred SBA lenders, as needed.

Step 4:


Attend a Confirmation Day at our HQ in beautiful Bend, OR.

Step 5:


Sign and execute your franchise agreement.

Step 6:


Begin location site selection and store development.

Client Testimonials

Our Mission

“Empowering transformative change through physical and mental wellbeing and creating an atmosphere that leaves a lasting positive impact on every person who encounters RISE Modern Wellness.”

Core values


We believe in treating every person like they are the sole reason that RISE Modern Wellness exists and are committed to serving the needs of our clients and team members, always prioritizing their success.


We are always striving to improve everything that we do. From seeking out the most advanced wellness technology to adapting and optimizing our internal processes, we innovate with purpose.

Modern Wellness Changed Our Lives

The story that launched RISE Modern Wellness.

-Garrett & Rachel Ahlberg, Founders

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