Wellness Specialist

Educate clients on a range of wellness services and oversee daily operations.

Overview Of The Wellness Specialist Role

As a Wellness Specialist at RISE Modern Wellness, you’ll be responsible for educating clients about a variety of wellness services and making recommendations to help them achieve their well-being goals. Additionally, you’ll manage the operations of services like cryotherapy and saunas, maintain client records, and ensure storefront cleanliness to create a positive and transformative wellness experience.

Core Values At RISE Modern Wellness


We believe in treating every person like they are the sole reason that RISE Modern Wellness exists and are committed to serving the needs of our clients and team members, always prioritizing their success.


We are always striving to improve everything that we do. From seeking out the most advanced wellness technology to adapting and optimizing our internal processes, we innovate with purpose.

Perks Of The Role
Join an amazing team with benefits that will enrich your life!

$18/hour + room to grow!

You’ll be interacting with clients on a daily basis which means you’ll be developing deep, meaningful relationships with people all throughout your community!

Work a flexible schedule to have the rest of your time to do fun activities, work other jobs, or lay back and enjoy life!

Enjoy complimentary access to our entire wellness facility along with free IV Therapy services, and discounted body sculpting sessions.

Additional Details & Qualifications

Wellness Specialist Job Description

Are you passionate about helping others enhance their wellbeing? Do you have the
ability to deliver focused treatments to clients to help them achieve their goals and see
transformational results?

Are you a relationship builder who can make clients feel
deeply cared for?

Are you searching for a fun and flexible job that gives you access to powerful wellness
services that’ll keep you healthy, detoxed, and pain free?

The Company:

RISE Modern Wellness is a full service wellness facility that offers state
of the art services like cryotherapy, infrared saunas, IV therapy, PEMF therapy, facials,
salt therapy and much more! We exist to help clients achieve their wellness goals: from
detoxification, to fat loss, pain management, beauty, deep relaxation, and athletic

The Position:

The Wellness Specialist oversees all operations of services offered at
RISE Modern Wellness which include: Whole Body Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas,
PEMF Therapy, Dynamic Compression, CryoFacials, and more! The wellness specialist
is responsible for educating clients on each service and making general
recommendations that help clients reach the wellness goals they want to achieve.

Additionally, the wellness specialist fulfills several ongoing operational requirements of
the storefront including updating client notes and managing storefront cleanliness.

Perks Of The Role:

● Flexible schedule
● Employee perks: RISE Modern Wellness is a full service wellness facility that
offers services like cryotherapy, infrared saunas, ozone saunas, facials, salt
therapy and more! 
● Working with an upbeat team & positive clients who are passionate about
wellness and taking charge of their health

Minimum Qualifications:
– Friendly and outgoing personality that regularly engages in conversation with new and
existing clients.
– Quick and adaptable learner who can clearly articulate information to clients
– Skilled multi-tasker who can think critically in a fast paced environment

– Detail oriented and organized individual that can provide thorough notes on new and
existing clients

Preferred Qualifications:
– 1 year of experience working in a health/wellness related facility
– 1 year of experience working in a fast paced environment
– Demonstrated experience excelling in a team based working environment

Our Mission:
At RISE Modern Wellness we believe in “Empowering transformative change through
physical and mental wellbeing and creating an atmosphere that leaves a lasting
positive impact on every person who comes in contact with our brand”.
Culture Expectations:
● Timely communication
● Servant leadership
● Generosity mindset
● Being an expert
● System driven
● Solution oriented

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