Wellness Manager

Run the store front operations, drive culture, and manage client relations and team members. 

Overview Of The Wellness Manager

The Wellness Manager is a full time, 40 hour a week role that is responsible for fulfilling all of the
logistical demands associated with running a storefront unit. This includes, but is not limited to, managing team members, managing supplies & inventory, and maintaining a culture of over delivering regarding customer experience & fulfillment.

Core Values At RISE Modern Wellness


We believe in treating every person like they are the sole reason that RISE Modern Wellness exists and are committed to serving the needs of our clients and team members, always prioritizing their success.


We are always striving to improve everything that we do. From seeking out the most advanced wellness technology to adapting and optimizing our internal processes, we innovate with purpose.

Perks Of The Role

Join an amazing team with benefits that will enrich your life!

Earn a competitive salary ranging between $42,000 – $60,000 depending on experience and yearly performance.

Generate an opportunity to earn more on top of your base salary when team goals are met. You would be eligible for this bonus every 12 months! 

Receive 2 weeks of paid vacation, in addition to sick leave, and holiday pay.

Enjoy complimentary access to our entire wellness facility along with free IV Therapy services, and discounted body sculpting sessions.

Additional Details & Qualifications

Reports To:

The Wellness Manager will report directly to the District Manager and/or major equity shareholders and/or Franchise Owner.

Working Environment:

The Wellness Manager is a full time (40 hour/week) role that operates on a Monday – Friday schedule during open hours (10 to 6 Monday – Thursday and 10 to 4 on Friday). The wellness manager is responsible for completing administrative tasks before opening as well as being responsive and available to team members throughout the week. 


Responsibilities & Duties:
Maintain a culture of over delivering for the client experience: Correct & discipline team members when not adhering to culture guidelines, manage and respond to client communications through email, call, & texting channels.

Monitor & manage membership accounts: Get in contact with accounts that are not in good standing from payment failure, ensure all membership revisions are correctly implemented, monitor daily transactions, and address special client accommodation requests under the guidance of the accommodation guidelines.

Manage & maintain a group of high performing team members: Interview & hire talented wellness specialists through guidance of the wellness specialist scorecard, educate and equip wellness specialists through the wellness specialist training & development program, provide ongoing support & resources to wellness specialists, follow corrective action policies when applicable under the guidance of the employee conduct & corrections policy.

Fulfill ongoing operational duties: Create team member schedules, process payroll, manage and order storefront supplies & inventory.

Respond and find solutions to emergency situations: Find coverage for a team member emergency situation that prevents them from working on a last minute notice, source support via the manufacturer list when there is equipment failure.

Input and report data for various metrics to franchisee owner and/or majority equity shareholders Including: customer churn, sales, lead flow, conversion rate.

Meet & report new challenges, changes, or modifications of operations to Franchisee owner and/or majority equity shareholders on a monthly basis.

Perks Of The Role:

– Competitive Salary With Yearly Bonus

– Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, & Holidays

-Access To Top Notch Wellness Services

– Upbeat & Fun Working Environment

Required Availability:

-Must be available to work 40 hours a week during open hours (10-6 M-Th & 10-4 Friday) in addition to completing admin responsibilities before opening.

-Must be responsive and available in the event of an emergency staffing situation.

Minimum Qualifications:

-A Top Performer who can make tough decisions, set goals, prioritize work, delegate, and drive business performance.

-A Servant Leader who leads by example in all of their actions, placing other’s needs above their own while motivating and inspiring others to reach their full potential.

– A Solution Oriented individual who spends their time finding solutions rather than talking about problems.

– A Culture Driver who makes every employee and client feel valued, resolves issues and helps others feel connected to the mission

– Models RISE Modern Wellness’ Core Values of Intentionality & Innovation

– Has 5+ year of experience working in a professional environment.

– Has 2+ years successfully leading others and driving culture in another organization.

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